About Us

AccounTax Solutions has been serving clients across USA and overseas for over 25 years. Our expertise in providing all encompassing, year round tax service to small businesses, Payroll, Bookkeping and Incorporation services, allows our clients to focus on growing their business while we handle all their complicated paperwork and regulatory compliance.

Why Choose AccounTax Solutions as your business partner

1. We don’t just fill forms, we provide solutions

We provide all clients with a full-year service program which means that they will have year round access to expert advisors to help them find solutions to their tax, payroll and bookkeeping problems.

2. We cater to all types of clients

We serve individual and business clients across the following industries:

  • Medical, dental & physical therapy
  • Restaurants & food services
  • Hospitality
  • Information & mobile technology
  • Plumbing, construction and machining
  • Wholesalers & retailers
  • And many others

3. A wide array of services to choose from

Not all people and businesses have the same needs. That’s why we offer a range of services (tax, bookkeeping, payroll, and incorporation) that clients can choose from. All clients − big or small, individuals or corporations − get the same high level of service and year round support regardless of which services they opt for.

4. We represent our clients before government authorities

If authorized by our clients, we handle all inquiries from government authorities and assist in resolving all issues related to their tax filing, incorporation and maintenance of company books − all of this at no additional cost to our clients!

5. Our partnership extend to your employees

If you partner with AccounTax Solutions, your employees are entitled to receive discounted prices on all services we officer for their personal needs.

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